How it works

I'll Listen to your Stories
Sit down and chat. Let the memories come. Together we'll create a book you'll be proud of.

What to expect -

Well meet at least five times together. First, a pre-interview session to go over what youd like to include in your story. Then well meet for a series of interviews. Interviews tend to work best when they are about 1- 1 hours long. After the draft book is ready, well meet again to go over the story before its sent to the bindery.

In a life story, the narrator is in charge of telling the story. The narrator could be you, or it could be someone in your family. It's important to remember that life stories are not biographies. Your finished life story will be what the narrator remembers and wishes to pass on to other family members.

You'll have a chance to review the final draft, and make sure it's the story you want it to be. Keep in mind, though, that this life story service does not include genealogical or other research. It's up to you to supply accurate family names and dates.

Share the gift of heritage. Isn't sharing our lives what life's all about?