Good News about Heather and Life Story Trust
Preserving your story is simple and fun

See the write-up "Everyone's Got a Story" about Life Story Trust.

Its easy to talk. The time flies. The questions you ask help me remember things I had forgotten.
- mother in Northport, MI

My kids gave me a book to write down my stories, but Im just not a writer. I know theyre interested, but I just never seem to make any progress.
- grandfather in Traverse City

Im thrilled, flabbergasted. I love what you did for the memories of the family.
- son of lighthouse keeper Pt. Iroquois, MI

You captured the essence of who Greg is.
- wife in Elberta, MI

"Listening to my Dad tell about his life was fascinating. His story will be shared and cherished for generations to come."
- daughter in Minneapolis, MN

I've always enjoyed working with Heather. She has a fine eye for detail and a natural understanding of drama in a story.
- editor in Traverse City, MI